Premier Choice Cleaning Service is a family owned and operated business serving in Roselle, Union County and surrounding areas. We are a professional cleaning service that offers a wide range of services that can take on all your cleaning needs. We offer residential House cleaning, Airbnb and commercial Office cleaning. Our goal is to offer the best services possible on a very high professional level of operation, and prices to fit your budgets, we are here to save you time and money.

 We have a staff of cleaners that has years of experiences in the cleaning industry, we are passionate about our services that we offer to our customers, we are kind, efficient, reliable, and attentive to details. And we all have to same gold in mind, to earn 100% of our customers satisfaction.



Emilo Campbell
Owner/ CEO. Founder.
Of, Premier Choice Cleaning, LLC.

The consultant:
Head Cleaning Service Specialist, and trainer.


A current resident of Roselle NJ,  of 22 years, known throughout the community for his kindness and generosity. So much that he wanted to continue serving, he went on a mission to starting up a cleaning service that began in 2019. His golds are to offer cleaning services that his customers can trust, and believe in, all at a budget friendly and guaranteeing the best prices around. Today Mr. Campbell is the owner of the business called, Premier Choice Cleaning Service, LLC. And continuing his mission to serving his community, 

Michelle H. Marbella
Manager/ Head Coach.
Premier Choice Cleaning, LLC.


Miss Marbella, second in charged and in command to the owner, Mr. Campbell. The dynamic pair is the drive and success of Premier Choice Cleaning Services know today.

 Miss Marbella's main focus, and always have been, is on the company's role of all-natural cleaning and products, and a strong believer in the partnering with Mrs. Meyers, and Casabellas all natural cleaners inc. and product line, with the highest level of Professionalism for the company and our clients, with a strict and forward role for the best of all of our clients' needs and satisfactory, and all natural cleaning products.

Miss Marbella is for the environment, our clients, and for the success of our unique and Professional Cleaning Services. 


Alicia N. Smith.
Customer Service Rep.
Customer Support.

 Premier Choice Cleaning, LLC.

Customer support

Alicia Smith

Premier Choice finest at customer service, and support, Alicia will resolve all of our many clients inquires, and questions, she will call to ensure that all of our clients cleaning satisfactions is met to the highest level of satisfaction. We all love when Alicia calls.  


Head Cleaner.
Kelly Oviedo


Kelly Oviedo,

Kelly is a fine member of our team, hardworking, friendly, and polite, we are happy to have the privilege to work alongside her. She is also a head cleaner, and attentive to details.   


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